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Working Principle and Installing Height of Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Kitchen exhaust hoods are installed above cooking ranges. After switched on and the motor is started, the wind wheel will spin in high speed, making a negative air pressure in a certain space above the cooking ranges. Then lampblack and gas will be extracted into the exhaust hoods. Filtered by the oil screen, lampblack and gas are separated for the first time. Then they enter inside the air flue and are separated for the second time by spinning of the impeller. Lampblack and gas in the wind box solidify into oil drops by the centrifugal force. In the end, they are collected in the oil cup and the gas purified is exhausted through the fixed passage.

Traditional kitchen exhaust hoods are hung ceiling with height of about 700mm. And the fan power of main types is between 200W and 250W. So the effective suction radius is about 400mm and the pot is entirely outside the suction scope, which leads to the spreading of lampblack as soon as it is produced. To exhaust lampblack thoroughly, users should reduce the installing height so that the effective suction radius can cover the whole pot and achieve 99% suction. However, apparently it is hard to cook. As a result, the hung ceiling design is the primary cause why traditional kitchen exhaust hoods cannot clear lampblack.

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Structure of Island Range Hoods

An island range hood mainly consists of a range hood case, an air flue, a fan, a check valve, a discharge device, an illuminator, a power switch, and power lines, etc.
The case includes a shell and a panel. It is made of cold rolled sheet steel, which is bright and clean, not easy to rust, durable and easy to clean. Also, many manufacturers apply toughened glass and stainless steel material.
The fan is the hard core of island range hoods, applying totally-enclosed single phrase asynchronous capacitor run motor. The iron case is totally-enclosed and the motor bearings are double row ball bearing, with E pole insulation and 4 micro farads start capacitor.
The wind wheel is a centrifugal wind wheel, with diameter 220mm/240mm. It is punched by silicon alloy aluminum sheet, which is durable with sound dynamic balance performance.
The air flue is a passage way for gas, which is made of cold rolled sheet steel coating. The rationality of the air flue structure determines the exhaust air rate and noise of the whole island range hood.
The check valve is made of plastic in order to prevent smoke’s flowing backward.
The fume extractor consists of an oil collection box, a smoke discharging tube, an oil collection cup and an oil deflector.
And the power switch applies soft-touch switch or mechanical switch to control the working mode.

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Gas Water Heater Attracts More and More Attention

According to gas types, gas water heater can be divided into manufactured gas water heater, natural gas water heater, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) water heater.
According to exhausting ways, it is divided into direct discharge gas water heater, chimney discharge gas water heater, forced exhausting gas water heater, balanced gas water heater, and condensing gas water heater.
According to installation places, there are indoor gas water heater and outdoor gas water heater.
Because of use habits, tankless water heater gas is now the first choice of numerous consumers.
On one hand, tankless gas water heater can heat water fast, adjust temperature stably, be constantly used by several people so that it has a fixed consumers. In winter, users can get hot water in kitchen conveniently. The water temperature is constant. This kind of gas water heater is cheap and 8L tankless gas water heaters are enough for average domestic users.
On the other hand, it has shortcuts, too. Users are afraid of gas poisoning. Besides, unlike high efficiency gas water heater, users have to set the temperature before they go into the bathrooms. And natural gas costs more and more. What’s worse, users have to install complicated gas pipelines in order to exhaust waste gas.

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Change Your Kitchens

Have you ever thought about buying expensive cooker hood Island or wall mount hood, tiling walls and floors with natural stones or flaring mosaic? Make kitchens striking by granite table-boards, electronic appliances of new brands, and new cabinets? Yeah, that sounds great, but you will have to pay 15,000 to 20,000 dollars for the kitchen refurbishment and upgrading.
There is another way, just to keep them simple! You can repaint your current kitchen walls, install a brand-new kitchen table-board, purchase a stainless steel wall mount hood, replace old kitchen sinks with new ones and upgrade backsplash, in less than 5000 dollars. What I am talking about is a real practice to save. You may own a new great kitchen only with a low budget. In addition, there is always room to upgrade the kitchen lighting, tables and chairs, or add some stuff on the kitchen curtain. You may do a lot of similar things yourself, such as refinishing kitchen doors and decorating kitchen windows. It sounds like a great method to achieve your creativity by saving thousands of dollars.

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What Vacuum Travel Mug Can Do for You in Daily Life?

A vacuum travel mug or a thermos is a bottle designed to keep a warm substance warm and cold things cold. It maintains the temperature of the contents, which could be in liquid form or in solid form. The container usually has a cylindrical opening with the inner surface and the outer surface separated by a vacuum. The evacuated region of the partial vacuum removes material that could serve as a heat conductor or carrier, enabling vacuum travel mugs to keep their contents hotter or cooler than their surroundings. This is how it maintains the liquid or solid within the mug at its original temperature. The vacuum doesn’t allow the heat or cold to conduct outside the thermos. Vacuum travel mugs are commonly used as insulated shipping containers in daily life.
The vacuum travel mug becomes an excellent option for storing gases as nitrogen in a laboratory that would liquefy if they are exposed to room temperature. This way, the need for expensive refrigerators is replaced by vacuum travel mugs for its relative function and less cost. The vacuum travel mug was invented by the Scottish physicist and chemist, Sir James Dewar. It is also called Dewar mug. They were brought into the commercial world by a German company, Thermos GmbH in 1904.
The material of vacuum travel mugs could vary from being a metal to plastic or glass. Reflective material like glass or silver is coated on the interiors to counter relative heat loss. The Dewar mugs used silver. All of them have at least one opening usually made of cork or any other insulating material; the cork over the opening where heat may get lost. It is capable of keeping liquids cool for 24 hours, while it could maintain the heat of liquids for 8 hours at least.

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Five Tips to Clean Your Thermal Mug

We all absolutely do not need an insight into the utility of the thermal mug. As you know, thermal mug is a very useful liquid storage container; it is necessary and very convenient for your daily use. But yes, undeniably, there are some issues with expected maintenance of this thermal mug. Some people may believe that it is pretty hard to clean. Have you ever wondered how you could clean your thermal mug in the best possible way? And now, I’ll tell you some useful tips before you begin your “hard job”.
1.    One brilliant tip is to use half an eggshell and two tablespoons of vinegar. Once you add this inside the thermal mug, you shake it well and wash it off, with lukewarm water. This makes your thermal mug absolutely clean.
2.    Another tip would be to fill up the thermal mug with boiling water and add two tablespoons of soda bicarbonate and shake well. This also completely removes all traces of dirt in the flask.thermos mug
3.    Are you worried about how to get rid of odor from your thermal mug? To get rid of coffee or coffee odor, you can add one tablespoon of uncooked rice to a cup of hot water and shake well. Then you can rinse it off, after that, you’ll find there’s no odor in your flask.
4.    One more hassle free tip would be to allow the thermal mug to soak in soapy water for some time, and then you take it out and clean with dishcloth. This is also a good manner to clean the entire flask leaving no traces of tarnish.
5.    When you are not using your thermal mug, it is better to leave the lid open, or closed loosely. This is to avoid formation of any bacteria due to a tight lid.
So, it’s not so hard as you think, right? Have a try, now!

How Do Vacuum Thermos Bottles Preserve Heat?

The modern vacuum thermos bottles were invented by British physicist Sir James Dewar in Year 1892. At that time, he was engaged in a gas liquefaction research work. To liquefy gas in low temperature, Dewar needed to design a container which could isolate gas from external temperature. So he asked glass technician Berger blowing a double-glazing glass container for him. He daubed mercury on that double-glazing glass, and took out air in between the two layers of glass, making a vacuum. This vacuum flask was called “Dewar Flask”, which could preserve cold or heat of liquid inside for a period of time.

Due to the vacuum flasks are mainly used for hot water preservation at homes, they are also called “vacuum thermos bottle”.

A vacuum thermos bottle with larger volume and smaller bottleneck provides better heat preservation. Under normal circumstance, it can keep cold drink at about 4 and hot water at 60 for 12 hours.

Thermos vacuum bottle is close to people’s daily work and life. Laboratories apply thermos vacuums to keep chemicals while people use them to keep food and drinks during picnics and football games. In recent years, thermos vacuum bottle manufacturers have developed many new designs of vacuum flask outlet, such as pressure vacuum flask and contact vacuum flask, but the preservation principle is still the same.

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How to Clean the Kitchen Island Range Hood?

Kitchen range hood is an electrical device helping to purify the kitchen environment. Installed up right the cook stove, range hoods can rapidly remove harmful lampblack produced during cooking and reduce pollution. However, it is really a headache for housewives to clean the kitchen island range hood.

In fact, like health problems, to prevent is more important than to cure. The best way to clean kitchen island range hood is to prevent. Before being used, the two oil storage boxes of the new bought range hood should be scattered a layer of soap power. Then we put in one third water. In this way, the oil recovered will flutter on the water instead of condensing on the boxes. What we only need to do is to empty the boxes.

How about the range hood body? Before using, we’d better wipe the body with cleanser essence. After the essence dry, a cleanser essence coating is done. When the body feels sticky, it’s our time to clean it. Because of the coating, we can easily clear away the waste oil by washing the body with hot water of 80. Don’t forget to make a layer of cleaner essence coating again after cleaning.

It is not so hard to clean an island mount range hood, is it?

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Hign on everyday use appliances.